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Tattoo Care in the Field


I'll keep this short, I'm getting my virgin ink two days before going into the Okinawa jungle for 10 days. The first five of I have to hide my ink from higher due to it violating commanding policy. The last six I'll be able to change shirts often and perform liberal care.

I need to get my ink on before we are all documented, we all feel it coming.

I'm not worried about infection because I come from a farm in Texas and I'm used to having dirt and manure in open wounds, it doesn't get infected, I never cover wounds. I also just got issued Doxy pills for anti-malaria which are higher than the ones received in Afghanistan (oral anti-biotic).

I want any and all constructive advice for caring for a large tattoo in a jungle environment. My decision is made to get it and I know it may be damaged in the field, life isn't perfect and I ante going to be on this rock forever.

I plan to take a lot of three layer gauze bandages to keep under my shirts as well as anti-biotic cream, lotion, and wet wipes.

Main concern other than the leadership seeing it is the excessive amount of sweating will keep it wet.


why don't you hide that belly while you're at it


sorry that was mean, but seriously.


Just try and keep it clean, get some eucerin cream, when you first get it done keep the bandage on for a few hours or more.


I think as long as you apply some Vitamin A&D lotion the first few days you should be fine. Since you will be covered by a shirt you don't have to worry about it being under direct sunlight.


also ask the tattoo artist if he/she has any tips.




This...especially if your getting them for a deal in someone's house.


Kitchen Magicians.. any tattoo.. anywhere for $20. The shop I use does a good business covering them up. Most are kids that the parents bring in to have some abomination fixed.



Why cant you wait till you get back?


Yeah, I'd wait till you get back, especially if it's in a spot where it will get rubbed by your kit. Even with lotion and all the other crap, rub off some of the scabbing and you'll guarantee some blank spots if not outright scarring. If you know when you will be getting back, then hit it right after. By documenting, do you mean brass is gonna take pictures and such? While I love tats and I plan on getting more, not having one (or having to wait a few years till you get out) is not the end of the world.