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Tatted Totally and Bodybuilding Judging


Does it matter if a bber is fully tatted?

like across the chest both arms in sleeves and the entire back with some quad ink?
how much does it affect placing? I'd think it would help by making you stand out

but whats the deal?


It doesn't matter. In fact, if you are black (very dark skinned), you can get as many tats as you want and tanning oil will cover most of it up in stage.

There are tons of NPC competitors with large tats. By the time they get ready to go on stage, you can barely tell what they are.

If this were 1965, maybe it would hold you back. Tats are too ingrained in our current society. Doctors have them now as well as lawyers. Only great grandparents are shocked by tats today.


Tim Dax come to mind. He does alright at BB shows.


I love the nipple stars.


The first time I saw his head tat, I thought he might have a pigment issue you know? But then I was like holy shit, that's a tattoo of a spartan helmet.


woah, he looks like some native american warlord!


alright, that is all i needed to know. I just didnt wanna start my tats and end up fucking myself if I do decide on competing.

Thanks for the answers boys

The Immortal


Makes sense. I was about to ask why the fuck somebody would tattoo 80% of their head one colour.


if you think about it most of the top guys in bodybuilding don't have big tattoos( that cover they're whole arm ect), so maybe there is something to it, i mean could a back piece tattoo cover up all your definition?


I don't like them. It's nobody's business whether or not a particular competitor gets inked, but when you consider the visual aspects of the sport (competition), the tattoos more than likely have an impact.

For example, ask any make-up artist: "How do I make my fat cheeks appear thinner?" The answer is... add dark makeup to those areas because dark tends to recede. The inverse is true as well. If you want to give the appearance that a small part look larger, ad highlights to the area.

Tattoos (especially large dark ones) tend to make the area they appear on recede, or look flatter/smaller. Lee Priest is heading into that territory.


Rock, don't worry, I'm sure you won't compete.




beat me to it haha