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Tatsu's bodybuilding log

In February I read something about BushidoBadBoy adding sugary snacks with chocolate pre-workout. So my wife came up with an idea… her own home made snicker pie. First of all, it’s freaking delicious, second… it works like a charm. I added 1,5KG lean body mass in a few weeks while my bodyfat was getting lower.

Training wise, I added widowmakers to my chest and triceps exercises and seeing my arm picture of last April, it worked. Also my chest, with everything else blew up at that time. I’ll be adding some cardio in the form of running, because in September I’m doing the Urbanathlon.

In the next few posts I’ll add my training information from my last training stint in April and from the fast few weeks. =)


I was able to train consistently for a year now, without any major time consuming detour. A few progression pics.


Still doing Doggcrapp, still lovin’ it. Graduated for my bachelor of health science beginning this year. I’m not sure if I will do a contest any time soon, I’ve been lowering my bodyfat but the approach is somewhat slow. I need to track my calories a little bit more.

The intention is to keep this log going. =P