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Tatsu's bodybuilding log


Well, hello to you all and welcome.

First of all a little about myself..

I'm Dutch, and yes I do a lot of cardio on my bicycle... lol
28 years old
height: 5'8
bodyweight around 210lbs
bodyfat: don't know, getting leaner still
Started since 2005, got real results since 2008

A 6 day split

  1. Quads and calfs
  2. Chest
  3. Back
  4. Hamstrings and calfs
  5. Shoulders
  6. Triceps and biceps

Steady state cardio on my bicycle, biking at least 80km's per week.

Meal 1

100g oatmeal
2 scoops whey

Meal 2
90g rice
250g chicken

Meal 3

90g rice
200g ground beef

Meal 4
90g rice
250g chicken

Meal 5
500g quark
60g peanutbutter

PreWO shake
5g glutamine
10g bcaa
15g dextrose
5g creatine

PostWO shake
5g glutamine
1 scoop whey
15g dextrose
5g creatine


And a few sets of pictures:

Back in 2008

End of March


Leaning out and prepare for my first contest in December.


Just got back from training hamstrings and calfs with this guy, Gyan Madehew. He's really philosophical in his approach to bodybuilding and trainings. This also was the first time I trained with him.

Did standing leg curls, lying leg curls, seated leg curls, lunges in the smith and calfs on the seated leg press. He teached me to contract the hamstrings every rep, I have trained my hamstrings pretty crude in the past. As a result my hams have some catching up to do in comparison with my quads.

Expecting doms in my hams tomorrow... lol.


You've put on some good size over the years, good job. You have kind of a similar upper body structure as I do (very torso dominant, pretty wide lats, lagging arms), but you've got much better legs. What type of numbers are you putting up for major lifts?

Good work man, and good luck getting contest ready. I didn't even get close during my diet (which just recently ended) but it sure is a bitch.


Tatsu, you're big as a mofo. You're going to be VERY impressive come contest day. I've seen you put in some serious work over the short period I've been a T man.

That dude you train with looks like a big boy lol. What do you mean when you say he's philosophical in his approach? (I'm a philosophy student)


I'm still a little big woozy form training shoulders, I haven't logged in a while... so first of all I'll write down the exercises, weights, reps and sets. This log is also a reason to log those numbers again. =)

My triceps tendon flared up again a few weeks ago on the right, so I'm still holding some back and focusing more on good solid quality reps.

Seated dumbbell press

Dumbbell lateral raises

Dumbbell back laterals

Dumbbell front raises
40x12KG - 20 per side

Then my buddy decided to do front raises with a plate...

Then some good old barbell shrugs


And did some fasted cardio on my bike this morning, had some amino's... popped a few lipo6. The bottle is almost empty and I've got some Biotest Seven left.

First I'll devour some food... me hungry before I can reply more, lol.


Thnx man! That's a lot coming from you, hehe. =)

I've given the arms their own day, only the elbows aren't really collaberating... triceps tendons flaring up...

The numbers aren't that impressive, lol.

Full squat: 140KG for a few reps
Front squat: 100KG for a few reps
Deadlift: 200KG (haven't done them in a while)
Barbell rows: 125KG for reps
Shrugs: 150KG for reps
Seated dumbbell press: 44KG for reps
Bench press: 120KG for a few reps.

Getting contest ready will be a hard bitch, lol. I still have loads of fat to shred, so I wanted to start early. I'm planning to do it in two phases. As the looks of it you've come pretty far in getting lean and mean. =) I still have long way to go, hehe.


Haha, thnx man! I really hope so... in that regard I've made baby steps in regard of the bigger people here. Training and diet wise I've still got a lot to learn.

He sure is, haha. He makes every rep count in quality and makes sure it also does for his trainings partner. He also evaluates his former approaches in training, diet and contest wise. Even a few days before contest preperation he makes time for the newbies. And chooses his words wisely. Someone I can learn a lot from. =)


Those progress pics are some motivating stuff man. Even at your lighter bodyweights, you had some very broad shoulders. Best of luck with the prep. Keep kicking ass, and I'll be following.



Little late on the update, if people want to follow I should update, lol. The prep is coming along, only I won't be doing the competition end this year. At best it will be in the spring next year, it also depends on my study. It will be the last year of physiotherapy, I'll be doing my minor these next 6 months and extra credits.

One things I've learned these past years, don't get used to mediocrity. I'm a bit of a late bloomer, but still not too old to learn, hehe.

But... it's time for update pics.

From the 10th of June:
Stats: ~95KG, bodyfat around 19,9%
Waist line: 94cm


From the 10th of August:
Stats: ~90KG, bodyfat ??, will get a measuring tomorrow.
Waist line:89cm

Still working on the posing.


My current waistline is 87cm, still weighing 90KG. Will shoot pictures again next week. =)


hell of a frame you got there


Looking good bro!!

Glad to see another guy doing a contest, I'll definitely be following.


Thnx man!

I wish I only had more rounder muscle bellies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Means a lot coming from you. =)

Did a shoulder training today... video of me doing a traps exercise


Weighing 88,2KG at the moment.


Didn't drop a lot of weight this last month, weighing 87KG... put on a little lbm overall and shredded some more fat. Been incorperating mountain dog concepts, and I really like the results.

Study wise I'm pretty busy with my minor Science Research and doing an extra activity called turning innovation into business. Really cool for extra adds in my social netwerk for and more knowledge for my own future business plans.

The wife also shot some pics last month:



I went to Rome and wanted to share a funny pic, lol.



Few more pics... shred some more fat and put on some lbm.


Super Mario is on guard for intruders.


Did some back work today.

Deadlifts - worked up to 418lbs for a few reps, also the first time since ages I did deadlifts for strength. Will keep it. Want to hit 500lbs.

Meadow rows
V-handle lat pull down
Rowing machine for lower lats
cable rowing with rope to shoulders from a an incline angle

Tomorrow it's shoulders.


Well, in short... the contest ambition got shot down due to money issues. I need to cough up more dough for my education, only one internship left. And due to study and my last internship I couldn't eat properly, so the training was also non-existent. If I can't eat properly then I also don't want to train, I want to train to progress... not to maintain in combination of not eating or regressing.

At the beginning of this year I switched to Doggcrapp, had a few stints with DC back in 2009 and I liked it.

I ended my training somewhere mid April, my last pics from that time:

Pics from last week:

Weight on an empty stomach is 90,2KG, and thank god for muscle memory.

I picked up my old training and food program.


First my Doggcrapp training program, it consists of 2-way split, 3 day a week, where you rotate the exercises and train every muscle group 3 times in 2 weeks.

You've got an A day which consists of the following:
Chest exercise
Chest stretch
Shoulder exercise
Shoulder stretch
Triceps exercise
Triceps stretch
Back width exercise
Back thickness exercise
Back stretch

The B day consists of the following:
Biceps exercise
Forearm exercise
Biceps/forearm stretch
Calf exercise with stretch every rep
Hamstring exercise
Hamstring stretch
Quadriceps exercise
Quadriceps stretch

And not for my exercise selection:

Incline dumbbell press 20-30 reps rest-pause widowmaker
Chest stretch
Military Press seated 15-30 reps rest-pause
Shoulder stretch
Dips 15-30 reps widowmaker
Triceps stretch
V-bar pull down 15-30 reps rest-pause
Meadow barbell rows 2x10-12 reps
Back stretch


Barbell curl EZ-bar 20-30 reps rest-pause
Pinwheel curls 11-20 reps straight set
Biceps/forearms stretch
Standing calf raises 10-12 reps
Sumo leg press 12-20 reps straight set
Reverse hack squat 2x6-12 reps straight set widowmaker
Quadriceps stretch


Smith bench press 20-30 reps rest-pause widowmaker
Chest stretch
Upright row medium grip 15-30 reps rest-pause
Shoulder stretch
PJR EZ-bar 15-30 reps rest-pause widowmaker
triceps stretch
Lat pulldown machine 15-30 reps rest-pause
Back thickness machine 2-30 reps rest-pause
Back stretch


Biceps curl machine 20-30 reps rest-pause
Hammer curl 11-20 reps straight set
Biceps/forearm stretch
Seated calf raises 10-12 straight set
Hamstring curls 20-30 reps rest-pause
Hamstring stretch
Squat 2x4-12 reps widowmaker
Quadriceps stretch


Incline hammer strength press 20-30 reps rest-pause widowmaker
Chest stretch
BTN press seated 15-30 reps
Shoulder stretch
CGBP 15-30 reps rest-pause Widowmaker
Triceps stretch
Pull up hammer grip 15-30 reps rest-pause
Bent over barbell rows from ground 2x10-12 reps straight set
Back stretch


Dumbbell curls 20-30 reps rest-pause
Reverse barbell curl 11-20 reps straight set
Biceps/forearm stretch
Calf leg press raises 10-12 reps straight set
Leg press 2x6-12 reps straight set widowmaker
Quadriceps stretch
Stiff legged deadlifts 10-12 reps straight set
Hamstring stretch


Now for the food intake:

Meal 1:
1 banana
50g blue berries
130g oatmeal
50g whey isolate

Meal 2:
5 eggs

Meal 3:
half a chicken breast
1 avocado

Meal 4:
250g ground beef

2 pieces of home made snicker pie
25g whey isolate
5g creatine

30g vitargo

10g bcaa
5g creatine

Meal 5, "the big meal":
125g basmati rice
1 tilapia

Meal 6:
50g casseine of 500g quark
2 slices of pineapple