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Tator_Tot's Log

Been lurking on T-Nation for awhile now, so I thought I might as well start a log. I’ve decided that I’ve been messing around to much in the weight room and it’s time to get serious. I’ve decided I still need to get my strength up and I think I can still milk a beginners program for some gains. So I will run a modified version of starting strength.
Some info:

  • 5’8"
  • ~190, and doughier than I would like, but I’ve never been lean so nothing new
  • Also, I have a moderate case of gynecomastia.
  • 21 years old
    Recent PR’s:
  • Bench 245
  • Squat 315
  • Deadlift 425
  • OH press 185
  • BW pull ups 12

I started conservatively so I would have time to get use to the frequency and have room to work with.
Questions and comments welcomed.

Monday 1/2/11
-Squat 225x5,5,5
-Bench 205x5,5,5
-Pendlay rows 175x5,5,5 haven’t done these in awhile but they felt pretty good

Wednesday 1/4/11
-Squat 235x5,5,5
-OH 135x5,5,5
-Deadlift 335x5
-Some pull ups

Friday 1/6/12
-Squat 245x5,5,5
-Bench 210x3 205x5,5 first set felt weird so dropped down, I’ll try 210 next time
-Pendlay rows 155x5,5,5 better form this time
-some curls and tri extensions

Back to school on Monday.

1/9/12 First day of classes.
-Squat 255x5,5,5 felt easy enough, need to push knees out more
-OH 145x5,5,5 pretty easy
-Deadlift 355x5 tried hook grip then switched to mixed on the last 2, still easy enough

Bench 205x5,5,5,5,5
Pendlay Row 175x5,5,5,5,5
OH press 95x12,12,12
Facepulls x some
Curls and triceps

Squat 265x5,5,5,5,5
some light good mornings

Switched to an upper lower. I have the time and it doesn’t make the upper lifts suffer as much.

OH press 145x5,5,5,5,5
Pull ups BWx6,6,6,6,6
DB Bench 65x10, 80x10, 90x8
Facepulls, curls and triceps

Squat 275x5,5,5 switched to low bar, feels more powerful 315 for sets in no time
Bench 215x5,5,5 progressing nicely
Pull ups BW x some

Squat 285x5,5,5
Bench 225x5,5,5
Pull ups

Squat 295x5,5,5
Bench 230x5,5,5 last one was a real grinder
Pull ups

Bench 230x5,5,5
Squat 295x5,5,5
Pull ups and facepulls

Bench 235x5,5,5 really hard and long rest periods
Squat 315x5,5,5 Form was off today but I can tell that the strength is there I just need to dial in my technique.
DB Rows and Facepulls

Bench 240x5,4,2 fucking sucked, tweaked my shoulder too, gonna alternate press with bench
Squat 325x5,5,5 hard, may be able to get a vid up of this
Pull ups BW 50x3, just fucking around with some of my friends
DB rows 75x20,85x20

Squat 335x5,5,5 HARD
OH press 155x5
Pull ups
After squats I just didn’t have much energy and felt kind of sick, so I called it good.

Squat 345x4,2 just wasn’t going to happen today
some DB bench and rows

Me squatting 325x5x3

I don’t know how to embed it, hopefully the link shows up.

Squat worked up to 385x1. I think I have 405 in the tank.
Behind the neck push press 205x1
Pull ups and junk

Squat 385x1, 405x0,0 I missed so high on these it doesn’t make sense.
DB bench 85x15,12
Tri Extensions