Okay. Wanted to get a tatoo soon but have read recently that tatoos, in an undetrmined manner, cause the area tatooed to atrophy. Feed back from all tatooed t-maggers is requested immediately!

I have had a tatoo on my right shoulder for about six years. It is still the same size as my left shoulder and they both continue to grow.
Oh yeah, make sure you choose a tatoo that means something to you. It is going to be there the rest of your life and it would suck to regret your decesion sometime down the road.

Never fear! What you’ve heard is from an isolated study of July 18, 2000 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study reported that three–that’s right, THREE–people in Israel suffered muscle atrophy in areas where they were tattooed. Furthermore, the article did not suggest a causal relationship between the tattoos and atrophy, only a correlation. Whether one caused the other was indeterminable. So grafitti yourself to your heart’s content!

I had tatoo’s before I got big, so I don’t know if it does that or not. I can tell you that it has not affected them in growing since.
I had 15" arms when I started, now I have 17 & 3/4.

I never heard of that. I have 4, arms, calf and shoulder. I have 18" arms and calves and my shoulders didn’t shrink either! Just make sure you really want one, put some thought into it. I don’t regret any of mine because they all mean somthing to me. Good luck! Get some ink!

If that was true, I’d tatoo the hell outta my obliques…

Seriously, I have a tat on my arm, and have never experienced any ill effects.

I got one on both shoulders and have definetly not had any problem growing or keeping size. Get a good one that not every swinging dick has and it will attract some good T-Vixen attention.

No problems with tats here bro. My entire back is done up and I have a partial sleeve on one arm. No bad effects thus far.

Draw your own, bro. I’ve only got one, it hasn’t slowed any growth, on my arm and the thing I love most is that it’s completely original. If you can’t draw, just get a friend to sketch something out, then work out the details yourself.
Good luck, and oh yeah, pay the extra money and go to a place with a good reputation. This is one time not to go cheap.

I’ve heard that large amounts of post-tat hypertrophy will cause the skin to stretch and distort the tat. Is that true?

Don’t ruin your body with that nasty shit!! Self confidence is your problem- not atrophy. Stop being a sheep following the pack

My tats haven’t been distorted from my constant fluctuation in weight. No problems here. Will it ever happen…I’ve had these tattoos from a year to six months and no problems. DO NOT SPRAY ANDROSOL ON THE TATTOO or you’ll dry it the hell out and look like you’ve had a faded tattoo for decades.


If a tatoo has meaning for the person who gets it, they won’t be ruining their body. As for the self confidence issue, it takes a person who is damn sure of himself to have a permanent piece of art work put on his body. I love my tatoos and when I’m 80, I’ll pull my wrinkled skin taut and show my grand kids with pride.