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Tate Press?

I did put this question in the beginner’s forum but got no replies so thought perhaps I may have put it in the wrong forum so please forgive the repeat.

I tried the Tate press ( elbows out triceps extensions ) today with light dumbbells ie 10kgs for 3 x 10 and the only place I felt it was in my forearms and wrist’s is this common or am I doing something wrong ?

It’s definitely a triceps exercise although I do find my forearms worked a tiny bit by them. You could take a video of yourself and compare it to how you see Dave Tate do them. I know I’m sometimes amazed by how different I am doing a movement vs how I think I’m doing it.

I think they’re a nice relatively elbow friendly triceps movement but it’s not the only one. Granted, I’d suggest giving them a good chance before you give up on them. The others I like that are elbow friendly are JM presses db and bb, close grip bench press of any kind and rope push downs where you push out too.

Thank’s Fletch, as a bit of time has elapsed now and even though I stayed light I can feel a small ache in my triceps now so although I could feel it in my forearms and wrist it must have hit the triceps, unless that’s from my inline dumbbell presses lol

If you say its light, well then maybe that’s the problem. I throw them in every couple of weeks. I’ll do 4x25 with 25lbs, each arm. I’ll vary the incline. I try to do them relatively quick with a consistent tempo. Get’s a good pump in the forearms and triceps, which is where you need mass.

Whether your doing them wrong or not I’d have to see a video. It’s a relatively simple movement. Hold the DB’s like your going to press them, bend at the elbows, touch the chest, reverse. Here’s a decent video for Tate Presses.

I also like the JM press. I use lightweight with that as well, for higher reps.

Rsch, thanks for the link and tips, as it was my first time trying Tate presses I did do them quite slowly, so I do need to do them a little quicker plus I did them on a flat bench are they normally done on an incline ?