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Tate Press and Hammer Curls

From what ive read they seem the most powerlifting arms move. Ive been doing 3x10 of one of them at the end of every session alternating ABA BAB.
Have u implemented it? How much did tate press helped ur lockout? My arms kinda lack size which i could see as a problem for bench, the rest is just growing fine.

I did a hypertrophy block / mesocycle with Tate presses as an accessory after my main movements and they definitely thickened up my triceps a bit. Started at my minimum effective volume for triceps than added volume and upped intensity through the training cycle.

Then used close grip bench as assistance in the next block and made similar tricep gains tbh without the Tate Press

Conclusion: Tate presses are handy if you don’t cgb enough to fully stimulate triceps or do so much comp work that it’s limiting the weight or volume you can CGB.

Haven’t exactly had lockout issues myself. Thought I did at one time. Turns out I was just slow off the chest, not by enough to fail there but enough to make sure my lockout was always a grinder. Got tighter and more powerful off the chest and the extra momentum meant lockout was never again a problem.

Another issue I fixed up was not doing hard lockouts every rep. Got this from Brandon Lilly. I like a lot of people I’ve seen did about 90% of the ROM not fully locking about before going for another eccentric.

Look at Terron Beckham. Super strong bench presser. Super strong off the chest. Big arms. 99% of his reps he skips the top little bit of ROM. Fails lockout all the time.

Anyways point is that bigger triceps only give you the potential for greater lockout strength. To potentiate this you need to be doing bench press variations on which you lockout e.g. CGB where the increased ROM and tricep emphasis challenge lockout.

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Both exercises can help, but what else are you doing for your bench?

I fully lockout and do a very brief pause (no bouncing to be clear) for every rep… my max isnt high at all (90kg give or take atm) and right now im taking advantage of linear progression… ramping 5x5 reps increasing 1kg every workout i bench… with this slow approach my bench is going up so probably i will keep going till it works. For tris i was doing classic skullcrushers but my elbows started irritating so i switched to tate press since ive read it helps with triceps strenght and lockout

A lot of people get elbow pain from any sort of tricep extension exercise, and skull crushers are among the worst. I used to do all kinds of tricep work but it started bugging my elbows at some point. You can build your triceps with compound lifts like dips, close grip variations (incline, or any combination or boards, bands, and chains), slingshot work, etc. As for building the lockout, very few raw lifters have issues with the lockout unless they use a relatively close grip or get used to not locking out in training. You still need strong triceps, but if you are getting stuck halfway its because you were too slow off your chest.


A few old timers with long term tendonitis cautioned me about doing too many extension type movements.

Tate tells about George Halbert who asked " what are extensions going to do that 45 lb close grips didn’t do?"

Tate Presses can be cool. Rolling the dumbbells apart at the top really “feels” like pulling the bar apart to engage tris at the top of the bench press. High elbows really work in back/inside of my arms in a different way that cable pushdowns. But the Tates don’t kill my elbows like French Presses or overhead extensions with a single dumbbell. So that’s good.

Personally, I did/do higher reps, like 15 or so.

Skullcrushers are effective, but they beat up the elbows pretty quickly. Tate Presses may feel better, but they’ll probably become painful after awhile too. Luckily, there are a million ways to extend at the elbow to work your triceps. When one way starts to feel bad, switch to another.

Just like everyone else here is saying, stick to CGBP and dips mostly. I’ve done Tate’s in the past, but only after about 100-200 reps of push downs at the end of a bench or overhead session and I do them at 15-30 reps a set. Really didn’t see much improvement outside of minimal tricep size. Try it and see really, but at a 90kg bench, just keep benching to get a stronger bench with cgbp and dips imo.

CG paused benches, Dips are the shit. If there’s anything that stretches the hole position better than a dip I haven’t seen it.

At your strength level, worrying about which assistance lifts to do should be way down on your list of priorities. If your bench is going up, why would you want to be adding assistance lifts anyway? Hell, if my bench was going up like that, I wouldn’t do any assistance for it. Assistance is just that, to ASSIST the main lift. Most lifters can lock out more than they can press off their chest anyway, it’s rare that someone lifting raw will need to work on their lockout.

skull crushers fuck me up!

I don’t think this will add pounds to the bar other than helping you stay injury free.

I like to use the rope extension from high pulley.

Keep the elbows out.
Don’t just press down, but press out too.
Follow the same path up as you did going down.
I don’t follow a particular tempo, but I do make sure I keep constant control and tension. No momentum.

I superset this with curls done similarly, but from the low pulley. They look like pinwheel curls.

I’ll superset these together for sets of 12-30 depending on if I just want blood flow for re/pre-hab or for a little more meat on my arms.