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Tate kicks ass!!

I just finished Tates new article in T-mag. Let me tell you, that was probably the best thing I have ever read in a bodybuilding , powerlifting of any other kind of publication that ever existed. Im sorry to say but it took a piece of writing to make up my mind whether I wanted to lift for strength of for how my body looks (which is always going to be an issue no matter hoe strong I get). My focus right now is deadlifting 600 pounds. Its at 495 right now. I want 600 by next May. No steroids! I know i can do this without them, no more beer until I hit this goal!

Horace: good job - 495lb. deadlift! I know what you mean about wanting to be strong. I’ve always wanted to be “functionally” strong in the gym. It’s nice to “look the part” - but it’s better to “play the part”. Maintain that focus!!!

Sounds like a decent challenge, count me in. My current PB is 510, I’ll put my balls on the line and shoot for 600 by next may. At 7.5 pounds per month for the next 12 months it’s gonna be a tall order, but, just like Denise Richards, very do-able. No anabolics, and, just to prove a point, I’ll continue to eat keto with very infrequent carb ups, and I won’t accept my 600 unless I do it at 6% bodyfat or under. If I don’t make it, I promise to give my most treasured possessions, my 5 copies of Wild Things, to charity. BTW, that Dave Tate piece was the one probably the most stirring articles I have ever read also.