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Tataba Virgin...


...until today. I did front squats with just the bar. I still can't walk properly. I may have to ditch my normal squat workout on friday.


I really liked to do Tabata front squats but they caused me severe IT band pain. Only took about 3 Tabata workouts to do it. I had to do alot of ART sessions and used the foam roller at home to alleviate it. If I squat too frequently, it will flare up again.



I did them the first time the article was published. I used 95lbs on the front squat. They were tough. However, I did the "thrusters" last night with 15lb dumbbells, and my legs are killing me today. It's ironic because last night, it was the burning in my shoulders and chest that I felt the most. My legs were fine until I woke up!

Great little workout for an "off" day!


Off day?? Fuck that.




killer workout no doubt, and killer results too.


I've been doing tabata thrusters with 10lb db's almost every morning for the past 10 days. I am doing an intense 3 week plan to try to drop the last few lbs and am hoping this will kick things up a notch and help keep me strict with my diet, too.

I am just getting over my period (sorry TMI) so the scale is only down 1lb so far, but the jeans I put on yesterday were definitely looser through the hips :slight_smile:


damn jilly, my girl just did them 2 days ago with 8lb db's and her legs are still killing her.