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Tat Studios in TX


So where do you guys get your tats done? What does one look for in determining whether the studio and artist you choose is good/clean/whatever?

I've been pierced at In The Flesh in Kerrville, TX (only place is 70 miles!)and 360 Blues & Tattoos in Arlington, TX. Both those places also do tats (duh). I'm considering a tat in the future but those are the only studios I've ever set foot in.

My biggest hurdle is deciding WHAT I want. I'm not going to be 85 years old w/ a freaking bumble bee near my crotch or a heart on my boob. It's just not me.


Go to Dave Bosman at superchongo in the Woodlands[right outside of Houston]. He used to work at the electric chair on hillcroft and has done some work for me. He is a close friend of one of my close friends and is a class guy all around. Oh yeah, his work is phenomenal.


Just remember..

"..A tattoo is permanent proof of temporary insanity.."


That's bar none the stupidest fuckin quote I've ever read. Bye now.


You want the place to be clean and look reputable, just like when you're looking for a place to get a piercing done. For me that means no trailers on the side of the road... :slight_smile:

A lot of places have websites that display information about their artists and show their work. If not, places usually have binders of the artists' work out on display.

PM relentlessfury about it. He lives in TX and is a tattoo artist.


There's a place down here near Houston called Southern Boys Tattoos (No trailers closeby!). They do good work from what I've seen.

There's a shitload in and around Houston, just look for cleanliness, and check out the tats the artists have on themselves. Chances are the artist did them or someone else who works there did.


Word of mouth.

You will hear about the best artists/places that way.

Or you could go to a tattoo convention.

Also, check out the new show on TLC called "Miami Ink." It's on Tuesday nights at 10pm. Cool show.


Another great place is in Arlington as well of 303 "Pioneer Parkway". Forgot the name been awhile since I have been there. The tat artist was great and had some stuff in maginzes that he had done as well as the one he did on me...dont know if he is still there.

Now as to what to get make sure you pick something out from something you see, like an image or draw your own...that way you know it will be unigue. I have one I am going to get covered up. Dumb one I got in High School


Miss Fortune Tattoo Parlor-Houston, Tx

They are clean and talented as hell.


The main thing about tats is to get things that really don't mean anything. I know that's probably different than what most people say. I have tons of them, they're all designed by me, (which is another tip, don't get some cardboard cut out that you might see on someone else someday) and they're all tribal artwork.

As for who I go to, (not that this will help you since this is in Colorado) I go to Rich Ives at Steel City Tattoo...world renown, he's in every tat mag every month. He's won the "Oscar" equivilant for tats more than anyone.

As for choosing the right person, just look at their awards, look at their artwork on somebody preferably, and remember, you pay for what you get. It's worth it to pay more.