Tat Ideas

lookin to get a tat. . . suggestions

Suggestion: Don’t get a tattoo of an internet suggestion from a stranger.

Sorry dude but getting a tattoo because we may have suggested it is stupid.Figure it out on your own.

Be a leader not a follower.

or just go get a pink unicorn with hello kitty riding it on your shoulder.

shit, just get a tat that means something.

for example, If I were to get a tat, it might be, my Chinese name, my zodiac sign ( but it would be gay, cause I’m a rooster), or a pink unicorn with hello kitty riding it.

haha your right. just thought someone would have a sweet idea

I’m in the process of trying to come up with a theme for a half sleeve. It’s not something you just ask someone what is good. It’s about something that has a lot of meaning to you.

get a tramp stamp of the T-Nation logo






A tattoo of a scorpion on my right pec with the viscious tail on my right shoulder with some tribal stuff will do for me. When I have more decent shoulder development I’ll do it.

[quote]Bicep_craze wrote:
A tattoo of a scorpion on my right pec with the viscious tail on my right shoulder with some tribal stuff will do for me. When I have more decent shoulder development I’ll do it.[/quote]

Ah yes. Tribal. Very original.

Maybe throw some barbed wire on there too? No one will have seen that one before!

For your first tat get something conservative. You’ll have time to expand on it later.

Get a giant Norwegian “Kraken” on your back, except make it biomechanical with some HG Giger influence. Give it a steel face-plate and some razor tentacles, for example. Actually, incorporate the T-Nation symbol onto the face plate. Have it gently protecting Hello Kitty riding a pink unicorn in one tentacle, then have the remaining tentacles battling against various opponents of escalating ferocity…perhaps a phoenix, a dragon, some sort of Lovecraftian sea monster, and of course Major McCheese. Then over the whole scene get “Beware Cyber-Kraken” written in Kanji and surrounded by tribal barbed wire.

Again, start off small.

I like to think of myself as an indestructable individual(Immortal) so to play on that, I’m getting slashes from a bear claw all over my back,chest, and legs, with

a bear either crawling up my ribcage (or down) to signify the hunt for discovery and conquering

or having the bear resting on my shoulder

signifying my willingness to fight, but having the presence of mind to observe a situation before unleashing an attack
my goth connection uses the bear to symbolize

Immortality- as the bear is seen hibernation is a way a regenarating and being reborn but keepeing the same age ( modeling after the vampire)

Eternal Wisbow- as the hibernation occurs the bear recalls all that was the past year,stores it and has the information ready to hit the ground running and have a leg up on the rest of the forest

in any case, you want to get something that is meaningful to you, not something that looks cool

You could get the word ‘tattoo’ tattooed on. That should get you started.

Here we go with another ink thread…

I’ve had this idea floating around for years, but my “serious” tattoos have had priority… so i’m probably never going to actually get around to it.

That being said, take it if you want it:

Full back piece of yourself as a mer-man with enormous muscles killing a shark with a trident.

It would be awesome.

was going to get a bodybuilder on my forearm kind of like the gold’s gym one, but a drawing from my very fist gym is awesome. I actually got a transfer done, and it looked too small, lost some of the veins and details, so I decided against it, thinking it would fade anyway and when I got out of the military I would have a tougher time getting a job with a handshake, “why hello, Mr., er, weightlifter person”. Best decision I made.