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Tasty Veggies!


Lets see some love for the often overlooked part of any healthy diet!
Baby spinach leaves (chuck a handful of these in every meal), lettuce, broccili etc


Snow peas are a great addition to any salad, especially if they're cold as ice.


Does lettuce do anything for you health wise? I always thought they were right at the top of worthless vegetables.


Lettuce has vitamins C and E as well as a a phenol called dicaffeoyl tartaric acid, also known as chicoric acid.

Here's what I found about it:

Chicoric acid makes our immune cells more efficient in attacking intruders. In vivo en vitro studies have shown that chicoric acid promotes phagocytosis. This is the process whereby white blood cells and lymphocytes attack and destroy pathogens. Chicoric acid stimulates T-cell activation, stimulates healing of wounds and reduces the inflammation in arthritis. Chicoric acid increases the production of interferon, immunoglobulin and other chemicals important for the immune system.
Studies have indicated that chicoric acid can inhibit the penetration of viruses in cells.
Chicoric acid also acts as an antioxidant by preventing the oxidation of collagen and cells


i just eat it for the texture, whole heads at a time like an apple


Wow, you learn something new everyday! Like caveman said. i always thought it was for texture.


Re: Chicoric acid; any word on the dose in the lettuce? Too many compounds out there have great compounds in stupid low doses, insofar that eating 10x the food dose still yields no significant effects.

On the topic of the thread, my heart goes out to stew/chili/borscht/goulash as forms of meat which can act as a catalyst for twice their weight in veggies.

Also, cabbage. Great volumizer for those above 4 for cheap (about a buck a head) and a good source of fiber and other compounds like I-3-C; and beets for giving a lot of size and potato-like consistency for their lack of caloric density.


All of the above. I also like shredding cabbage to use in place of lettuce on tacos.

No clue as to the amount of chicoric acid in lettuce, probably not significant by an effect causing standard. I really believe that eating a large variety of veggies is the trick.


I go through at least 2 pounds of broccoli per day, I'm addicted.

Steamed spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, and bok choy are also tops on my daily list of veggies.



Same here I also eat a lot of roasted Brussel Sprouts. I love them but, they do not love me the bloat is insane.


Never got into asparagus, but I'm with you on the rest. Love a well prepared spinach, green, bit of garlic, very nice. I like broccoli grilled but steamed is cool also.

Broccoli and Spinach are my veggie staples.


i love veggies cuccumber cabbage garlic toms the lot . fry some onions n garlic in a big pot with a lid then trow in as much spinach as you can fit some tomm puree apple cider vinagar salt n pepper stir it a bit n put the lid on and after a couple of mins stir again put the lid back on and leave it on low heat for about 10 mins then remove the cookes spinach n juice let it cool n mix it with the same amount of raw chopped spinach .
do the same with cabbage .


Baby bok choy (regular big taste like metal with veins to me, its strange), broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini,carrots sautead with a dash of splenda and a dap of butter, all velly good.

The vegetables in the US are like frankenstein monsters, they never seem to go bad.

In other countries they kinda wilt in a single day.


Entire cabbage sliced thin (so easy to prepare) cooked in a large covered wok (you def. need a lid for the steam). Takes about 30-40 minutes on med. heat to get soft. Stir every couple minutes, until it starts releasing water - then you can coast along more. A small splash of sesame oil is nice, at the end.

Raw broccoli with salad dressing dip (Marie's Blue Cheese)

Cauliflower roasted in a pan. Cut into small pieces, toss lightly with olive oil, spread out in a large baking dish, roast at 450 for 20 minutes, stir/turn pieces halfway through. Grate some parmesan cheese on top when you pull it from the oven.

Cucumber/tomato/mushroom salads (no lettuce - pain in the ass for the nutritional payoff, and for a single person it tends to go bad sooner than other veggies unless it's iceberg, which is the least nutritional anyway).


Kale: tear it off the main stalk, toss in salt, pepper and olive oil, put it on a baking sheet in the oven at 400 degrees, let it cook for ~3 minutes.

It's like potato chips that love your body


I love kale and that sounds absolutely delicious