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Tasty Healthy Sauces?


Hey everyone,

What nice tasting but healthy sauces do you add to your pasta/rice, meat and veggie meals?


I'm intrigued about this, as there's only so many ways to make chicken breast/salmon/ground beef. Two of my favs are:

1/4 cup almond meal and 1/4 cup dry-grated parmesan cheese on a chicken breast, grilled. top with actual shredded parmesan cheese as it nears completion for an easy sort of chicken parm. Good PF meal.

Also,I love this for my salmon, although its not nearly that expensive in-store (I find it at raleys and bel-air in CA)


El Pato Duck Sauce. Look in the Mexican section at your grocery store.


Walden Farms Zero Calorie Ketchup!


I second the El Pato, the stuff goes great over my occasional egg meals. The Duck and KC Masterpiece. The Official BBQ sauce of 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman


Check the Asian aisle at your local grocery store. Tons of sauces low in cals and high in flavor


is this stuff really any good? wanted to try it


Compared to regular ketchup? No. It's pretty bland. But combined with some Tobasco it's not too bad. I am a self-admitted Ketchup addict, so this stuff helped me shave off a bunch of calories.


yeah, i've got a weakness for ketchup too. probably at least give this a shot


for do it yourselfers:



Tomato sauce.

I win?


If you're not too worried about sodium intake. Frank's Red Hot is what I use, I put that shit on everything...There are also tons of different flavored hot sauces low in cals but hig in sodium.


x2. love the Frank's


X3. i'm a believer


Yeah i recently started adding salsa and spaghetti sauce to my dishes like veggies and meat. You'd be alright if you watch out for HFCS and you're not a sodiumophobe


Mine...sorry I just had Spike.

seriously the low carb ketchup has pretty much no calories (something like 5 calories for 15g of sauce)


That's a couple hundred calories I save, broseph.




go out and buy some right now. then pm me and i'll send you my phone number, then you can call me and say 'holymac, you're fucking right'


I love Heinz Low Carb Ketchup with honey dijon or Polish mustard. Goes with every mean dish, especially tuna and quinoa.


Chimmichurri (parsley, spices, olive oil) goes with almost every kind of grilled meat dish.