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Tasty Creatine?

can anyone reccomend a good tasting creatine if there is such a thing? i’ve got a great tasting protein pwder that i like but when i add creatine to it it tastes like metal. help!

Creatine (plain white powdered creatine, not overhyped Kool-aid mixtures) shouldn’t taste like much of anything.

Yes! I don’t know how you feel about GNC products but their Mega Creatine, I think it’s cherry flavor, is really very good. I would drink it even if there wern’t any creatine in it. You can drink it alone or, and this is what I do after working out, mix it with two scoops of chocolate protein and one scoop of vanilla slim fast and one tblspn flax. Sounds gross but it’s flippin’ awesome.
I don’t know if this sounds like a good post work out drink but it works for me.

Make sure you take the spoon out of the blender before you start it.

I’ve never had CM that tasted like anything.

I have the totally plain creatine from GNC. No flavor at all.

TEK is right. Good quality creatine tastes exactly like powdered nothing. Buy the plain stuff and you can mix it with whatever you feel like to get it to taste good.

Plain creatine mixed with gatorade powder usually works well for me.