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Tasteless Protein

hey guys, i was wondering if there is any tasteless protien powders out there, kinda like that benefiber stuff that you just mix in water and drink it…ive found that i just dont like the falvors of any kind of protien, including Grow!..any suggestions would be awesome

try “whey-to-go” made by solgar. they have it at whole foods. zero texture and even the chocolate tastes like nothing.

I believe Optimum Nutrition makes something like that… I for one find it hard to believe that a protein powder can be completely “tasteless,” I think they’re designed more for putting in recipes and other already-flavored things as opposed to water.

I’m willing to bet it’s gonna taste like ass, but who knows. Good luck, let us know how it works.

A steak, fish, various birds, eggs, You have to like something on there.

You do actually get tasteless protein, but only whey and soy I believe. It is sold through medical companies though so not sure you would have access. It is the stuff they use for rehab for patients at hospitals and such. Rather expensive though as it is “medical grade” - whatever that means, I am not sure. Have never seen it available to the public though.

Certain ultra filtered MF Whey Protien Isolate will be as close as you can get to tasteless, should also mix up pretty clear.

I doubt if they could get a flavourless soy

[quote]cycomiko wrote:
I doubt if they could get a flavourless soy[/quote]

Not that you’d catch any one of us within a bra-strap of soy protein.