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Tastebuds Dead?

is it a sign that my tastebuds are officially gone for good when i consider greens+ powder formula in water to taste kind of sweet, almost like a sugary dessert? lol, i drink this stuff and don’t think it’s bad at all, but people on here talk about how they flat out cannot stand the taste of it. does this just mean i have officially rewired my system to not care for junk food anymore, and dull bland healthy foods are what tastes good now? for more info, i had a pita from pita pit today hoping it’d taste good, only to realize it didn’t at all, when it used to all the time.

tastebuds dont die. they actually regenerate.

Everyone has a different sense of taste. It changes as you get older.

well i was actually just joking about tastebuds being dead, the fact that i can taste my food, whether sweet or dry, still means i’m tasting it.

i was simply throwing a joke out that i’ve eaten healthy for so long that it’s like my body has adjusted to prefering healthy foods over junk food. which i must say makes me very happy since i now know i’ll be able to have full control over my diet for as long as i care to keep this up, and i don’t see myself ever caring to stop caring. :slight_smile:

I don’t mine the berry flavour greens+ at all. It actually puts a nice taste to my protein shakes.

Drinking one right now. :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar boat in some cases. I actually PERFER oatmeal for breakfast. I also cannot taste the whey in protien shakes anymore.

[quote]relativelyfunguy wrote:
it’s like my body has adjusted to prefering healthy foods over junk food.[/quote]

This can, and does happen. In fact, it’s one of the results the Velocity Diet produces. Your body will adapt to eating certain foods over a period of time.

This has happened with me. I used to eat junk food all the time. My diet on a day’s basis could consist of half of a large pizza and I’d be all set. If I were eat that now, I would instantly become sick. It’s starting to get to a point where if I even look at non-healthy food I forsee myself becoming sick and I won’t touch it.

It is a nice feeling, for sure. Knowing you can restrain yourself from eating all kinds of junk but still being able to fit in a junk meal around healthy food is cool.