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Taste of their own medicine

In the new issue of Musclemedia on page 132, there is a blurb entitled “Have you seen these men?”. Basically, these two guys used their EAS Transformation Challenge before/after pictures to promote some other company. Now that is totally dihonest in my opinion, but EAS basically did the same thing when the used regular cover and article model, Clark Bartram, in their “New Theory of Evolution” which showed four “unretouched photos taken over a 12 week period” where Clark was fat and became ripped. Now whether EAS paid Clark to get fat and took picture on the way up or paid him to get fat and took pictures on the way back down is besides the point. Now EAS is having a contest to identify the two supplement companies that these guys are hawking. The whole thing just seemed pretty lame and I had to LOL when I saw this thing.