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Taste of Surge


I just had my first Surge drink this morning and I gotta tell ya, that taste was just about one of the most umpleasant things I've tasted. I guess what it was was the lack of taste and bitterness of it. Does anyone know of an alternative that could help me put it down faster than 20 minutes!?


that's weird, I think it's pretty sweet tasting, then again, it's about the sweetest tasting thing I consume.

Then again I don't eat sugary stuff... so I guess its perspective.

if you wanna down it faster than in 20 minutes, chug it.


You're talking blasphemy here at T-Nation, most people loooooove Surge. At first, I hated it too, but you get used to it after a little while.
When I was first getting used to it or now when I'm low on it I'll mix in a scoop of Vanilla Metabolic Drive and a scoop of Gatorade powder to keep the same ratio of carbs/protein and mask the taste a bit.


I find that using less water makes it taste better. Too much water makes it taste bitter and of course not as sweet.


Everyone I know loves it, and to me it takes terrible--bitter and just nasty. However, it gets better the more you drink it. There are few things that I'd say that about, but the Surge does get better.


I used to think the same thing, but damned if it didn't grow on me. It's like liquid angelfood cake! Anyway, the blend of macronutrients in Surge is fairly specific, with a deliberate ratio of quickly metabolized carbs and protein - I don't think you want to add anything that alters that much.


You're tasting the whey hydrolysate. This is (one of) the reasons why most companies don't mess with it even though the benefits are numerous when it is used as a fast-absorbing protein.

I think some people taste it more than others. Try mixing your Surge with a little less water and some ice.


Definitely try making it a bit stronger. I love the taste of Surge. I look forward to it after a good workout.


Yes, this is true. Surge is designed in a way to cover up the taste, and most people cannot taste it, but some have more sensitive taste buds that seem to pick up the stuff. I luckily am not one of those people so I love the taste.


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I almost gagged the first time I had it, but eventually got to the point that I looked forward to it and loved it. I use grape juice and whey now though. Too expensive.


Surge's taste is like crack to me. I look forward to it everytime I am lifting.


I didnt think it was all that great the first time I had it, but now I definitely look foward to it. I mix it in the blender with a few ice cubes and water, good stuff.


Make sure the water is really cold. It makes it taste better. The after taste is pretty putrid. A friend drank it and was talking to me it was just like the smell of a slightly tart fish tank!



This isn't really on the taste of Surge (I'm not at that stage yet;) But I was wondering if anybody knows if I can purchase Surge in Holland, because none of the dutch supplement stores overhere are selling Surge and I couldn't find a website supporting Surge either.

I also had one more question about a possible replacement. I read an article by John Berardi, where he supported certain supplements, one being Surge (which he designed) But he also supports another (recovery drink) supplement named Relentless by Xtreme Formulations.

I am opting for this supplement seeing as this one is available in Holland, but then i found out that the same company (Xtreme Formulations) made another, similar supplemt, named Vendetta. Now this supplement is supposedly superiour to Relentless and also cheaper:) But does anyone knows if this supplement has 2:1 ratio of Carbs/Protein respectively? (and additional amino acids)

Kind regards, a lost little dutch boy.

PS. Supposedly Vendette is PRE-workout and Relentless is POST-workout. What the hell is the difference? Shouldn't there be a 2:1 ratio in both pre and post workout drinks?


The key is to mix it slow to avoid the foam. The foam is the only bad tasting part of it, which unfortunately is the taste you end up with. 20 minutes may also be your problem, it tastes worse the warmer it gets.

Also- SEARCH!!! This has been discussed more times than any other topic in the history of this forum.


Yeah, I made the mistake of bringing powder to the gym then adding water and shaking up when I wanted to drink it. The foam is NASTY. But if you mix it with a spoon in a cup...well, it's still pretty bad, but it's a whole lot better.

Personally, I've never bothered to acquire a taste for either Surge or Grow! I find most dairy products and byproduct nauseating. But the benefits of these products are too great to just give up, so what I do is hold my nose and down the stuff. For a couple minutes I don't breathe through my nose, then I start to breathe in through my nose, and finally I can breathe out through my nose. As long as my nose is plugged, Surge is actually pretty good--very sweet with a little bite from the whey hydrolysate.


Hi...I used to hate Surge, although now I love it. It just takes some getting used to.

However, two things make a marked difference for me:

  1. Dilute it a lot (like 1 scoop in 16 oz.)

  2. Put lots of ice in!! It is WAY better ice cold.

Hope that helps.


I would prefer some flavor alternatives... Maybe citrus or Orange. But, you get used to the flavor. And even if you don't, the quality and formula is hard to beat.


Tastes like angel food cake if done right. You may never get used to the bitter taste, but you can minimize it.

1) As said before avoid making it foam when mixing - try using a fork to mix it.

2) Use really cold water. I usually drink Surge after I get home, so before I go to the gym I put a glass of water in the freezer for use when I get back.