Taste of Monster Milk

I bought some stuff from bodybuilding.com to try the BCAA powder. And BB.com sent me a free packet of Monster Milk(from the makers of Muscle Milk). Anyway, I just remember how much everyone raves about the taste of Muscle Milk. I figured Monster M. would be the same. WORST aftertaste EVER! I felt like washing my mouth out with Metabolic Drive, but I just ran out and my shipment should be here soon.

Metabolic Drive really is the tops when it comes to a slow digesting protein…good job guys!

Monster Milk, from what monster exactly is that from? Cookie monster? I’ve never noticed utters on the Cookie Monster =P. Yeah, Metabolic Drive pwns all other proteins.

I’ve said it before, but Muscle Milk isn’t the same as it used to be.

taste wise, and probably protein content wise as well

I like Grow! cause I am a cheap bastard.

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
I like Grow! cause I am a cheap bastard.[/quote]

Don’t feel bad you cheap bastard, I mix the two together most of the time…

Seriously. I want to know what the difference is between straight Metabolic Drive and mixing MD with Grow and throwing in some fats+fiber, which everyone always says can slow down absorption (fats, fiber).

I know casein takes a long time to digest but wouldn’t whey take longer, too, if you throw in some fiber+fats?

Muscle Milk tastes alright but they have like 5 flavors that all taste exactly the same…I only have had it a few times though when I ran out of other protein.

In any case the taste of my shakes never really bothers me, I dunno why.