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Taste of Metabolic Drive vs Gold Standard Cassein


Hey ive heard a million times that MD is the tastiest Cassein out there but living in Canada its harder to come by. Before i stock up on it i want to know it anybody has tried both these products and can compare the taste to me. The Gold Standard tastes pretty bad and it dosn't dissolve fully even in the blender... Also what would be the best flavour?


Metabolic Drive chocolate wins. Nothing compares to it, not even heaven.


What’s the over/under on how many minutes it takes before this thread gets taken down?


I live on a relatively tight budget being in graduate school but I will NEVER sacrifice buying anything else other than MD! It really is the best tasting protein available on the market. Do yourself a favor and get a few. Hope that helps, MD.


The only other prot that I would suggest, as far as a good blend of whey/casein would be Bervely Nutrition’s UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein). It is costly though, which I don’t quite understand why it is so, but I have on occassion had to pick up a jug of their Cookies N’ Creme. Very tastey, but more cals, and more carbs than Metabolic Drive, which of course gets my vote for favorite (I use the stuff in everything! -lol)



MD chocolate is the best no doubt. You can go wrong with it.


Metabolic Drive for the win – no comparison.


MD chocolate is the best, no doubt.


MD is hands down the best tasting protein powder I have ever used, and believe me when I tell you I have tried many and go through tubs of it. I like the Vanilla because it is very versatile. Sometimes I sprinkle some over my oatmeal to sweeten it up a little. Or I might add some to some cottage cheese which makes for a very good substitute for cheese cake. It does open up alot more options, but that’s my own personal opinion.


Nothing can beat MD. Chocolate is my favorite on its own, but as has been said, Vanilla is very versatile. Either way, you win if you buy MD.


Careful…great tasting does not equal effective…

The focus should be on results - that said MD does taste good…


chocolate tastes better, vanilla is more versatile…I just repeat what people say. BUT, don’t get strawberry, not great…sigh.


I actually have really come to like the Banana. I mix it with my Oatmeal every morning, sometimes with Natty PB, sometimes with a little cinnamon.



the only thing that tastes better than MD Chocolate is Surge Chocolate.