Does anybody have any experience with tasers? I am interested in the new model that shoots darts with wire attached to them (see description at taser.com). Are they effectife for self defense? Is it legal to cary them in public?

Laws vary from state to state and city to city. I still prefer a handgun in the hands of a trained shooter, though.

I have to agree with Demo. The biggest reason being of the legal nature. If you taze a badguy that is about to smash your skull in, he can still turn around and sue you. If you have a gun… Let’s just put it this way, dead men don’t sue. Now don’t think I am a psycho or anything, but if you are in a life threatening situation, you kill him or he kills you, take your pick. Next reason, you only get one shot with a tazer. If you are unsure of when you can legally use deadly force and unskilled with guns, just pick up a bottle of mace.

A taser’s too big and bulky to carry around concealed on your body anyway. And I believe they’re illegal to carry in most states anyway. The taser’s a weapon used mostly by police departments to subdue unruly subjects. I don’t think it’s practical as a weapon of self-defense for the general public.

How effective are tasers? My buddy has one. I dont remember the voltage, but its pretty high. We had contests to see who could hold it to themselves for the longest time. It felt like a really bad pinch. The only lasting effect was a little burn if you held it on long enough. I though they were supposed to disable an attacker. Maybe his is a cheap piece of shit? It didn’t shoot the darts, you had to hold it to a person. If your getting one for self defense, get a pistol.

That’s not a Taser, it sounds like a cheap stun gun. A quality stun gun, however, will put you right on your ass if used in the manner that you describe.

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