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Tartan Etiquette


If I wear a Clan's tartan to compete in a highland games before I have actually proven my membership through lineage, how much shit am I going to have to take?


Just be safe and wear a non-clan tartan, or even some other pattern, like camo. kilts aren't hard to make. If you want some pointers on doing it, PM me. If you've got a sewing machine, it can be done in five or ten minutes, depending on how involved you get.


Officially, NONE.

Wear what you like. No one checks your pedigree.

Just be sure you know which tartan you are wearing. You will probably be asked, and if you meet a judge from Scotland, he will tell you which it is!

Good luck! be sure and post which one you're gonna get, too.


I'm actually a descendant of Robert the Bruce and I intend to wear the Bruce Modern Tartan. I just wanted to make sure that no one is going to mess with me because I don't have my family tree all written out and I haven't applied for membership of the clan, but the bloodline is definitely there. Thanks for the advice.


Thanks for the advice, but I'm not much for sewing and I have a sponsor that wants to pay for my kilt because he knows how much my heritage means to me, and he'll get a little free advertising by me wearing his t-shirt while I compete.


Hey, cool. Dress kilts are expensive as hell, that's awesome to have someone foot the bill. good luck in the comp!


is there a way to find out your scotish lineage? I'd ask my relatives but as far as i know they're all dead.


I can only pull out my years as a "Historian"...that is degrees, teaching and some articles.

I wouldn't believe a Family Tree if you paid me. Therefore, wear what looks:
1. Either good with your eyes
2. you like.

Sure, we all descendents of the legendary kings of Europe here in America. (See "Stripes," look for Bill Murray's famous speech rallying the troops). Yeah...all the great families came to America...yeah...

Forgive the meanness and sarcasm.


2 cents

dude wear blackwatch...i bought a blackwatch golfing kilt for something like $40 and wore it until i found out i was a snodgrass (spelled Snotgrass), then spent $450 on the real thing, custom made to fit...the cheap kilts look real until you count the pleats or feel the fabric...and if youre wearing a blackwatch kilt, chances are nobodys gonna ask you if youre a blackwatch because nobody really claims it (or wants to, rather)...google cheap kilts or golf kilts...and dont bother buying a belt it inless its a functional lifting belt


Just wear the one you like no one is going to say anything. I wear a Black Stewart and will soon look into buying the St. Patrick over at sport kilt. I like how they look and thats what I am buying.


I just bought a USMC Tarten from Sport Kilt and one friend bought All Ireland and another bought Wallace. They are all really nice and there is a pic of them on the TILF thread. The people at sport kilt are really nice and willing to help when they can. I am thinking of getting another but they don't have the Kennedy tartan. I would definetly recommend them and they are quite the hit in the bars too.
Good luck.