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Tarsal Bone Stress Fracture

Just looking to heal faster! I know rest, ice, anti-inflamitories, and cross training are key here, but has anyone else had any luck decreasing off time from running through supplementation (or other protocols?)

Thanks! Happy New Year T-Nation!!

I truly think long distance running is the worst activity for the human body over the long term. It leads to overuse injuries or worse in those who are actually carrying a good deal of muscle mass. I think sprinting is the better alternative to running for long distances unless you are in a situation where you just have to run that way.

I agree with Pro X no need for long ruuning unless its your sport or something.

Do like cavemen three reasons to run. To catch food, to not become food and to get a catch a peice of A$$. LOL

Rest, keep your intake up, pleny of all your nutrients, various real food protein, veggie and fruit sources etc.