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Targeting Vastus Lateralis on Smith?


Hello from France (please excuse my English :wink:

I perform Squat on the smith machine twice a week for 6 months now.
I try wide stance, narrow, 'open' and 'close' feet, etc...but my 'teardrop' get all the stimulation. How can I target the vastus lateralis ON THE SMITH MACHINE ?

Thanks !


The fixed nature of the smith machine takes out all the stability of the movement and while not making it an isolation movement (all though, this can be accomplished) it will still limit the overall effect squats will have on the various muscles of the leg.

Do you not have a squat rack to perform free squats in? That would be my suggestion, but you must also consider that for some the squat isn't a big quad builder to begin with. What else do you do for your leg training?


This is what worked for me to bring up the VMO in the past (however I squat free with a bar so take it for what it's worth):
Weightlifting shoes (elevated heel)
"Open" stance (toes out)
Ass to grass
I also did a shit-ton a leg extensions with toes out to focus on the VMO for a while there.
Currently I squat low bar with flat heels to parallel and I haven't done leg extensions in forever but my VMO development has remained about the same.


Double your strength on a narrow stance exercise.


Thanks for the answers

no rack in my gym :-/ there is a 30° leg press
I perform barbell RDL and leg curl the other days.



front squats


Wait, I think he's saying his VMO gets TOO MUCH stimulation and his vastus lateralis (outside of the thigh) is underdeveloped.

EDIT: whoops, didn't notice this was a few days old.


correct ! :wink: