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Targeting More Triceps Than Chest During Floor Press

So I love to do floor press since bench kinda mess my shoulders…

i use the same technique as bench press which is pinched shoulders, back arched (even if it doesnt matter it helps me lift more) and do a good pause on the floor before every rep to full lockout.

Now, genetically i have a big chest so it grows easily and during floor press I feel a big pump in my chest but not much on triceps which I would like to grow (i also should point i use a kinda narrow grip half a thumb from where the smooth meet the knurling so waaay inside the power rings)

Any help trying to incorporate more triceps than chest during the floor press?

Try doing a half rep at the top (to lock out) for every whole rep.

They’re called one and a half’s or something.

Edit: miss read post

Be aware of your arm position. For more triceps keep them at 45 degrees to your body, or like inbetween flared and tucked. Instead of flared out to emphasize chest.

If you can’t get the groove, try dumbbell floor pressing for a few sets. Angle the DB handles/your hands to 45 degrees. That should put your arms in the right alignment. It’s easier to feel the triceps when you can keep your elbows under the DBs.

You could also try some neutral grip pushdowns to tune up your triceps before floor press.

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I’m curious, why do you recommend tucking only 45 degrees and not in more?

For me, it’s easiest to keep the elbows-forearms-hands lined up under the bar, like keeping everything stacked strongly with the upper arms at that angle.

At that angle it feels more natural to lead the move with the elbows and bend the arms, loading up the triceps, instead of lowering the bar with chest or shoulders.

Tucking more adds more horizontal movement. Like if the elbows are tucked the bar is way out in front at the bottom. I don’t like the feeling of the bar so far away and it can be tough on my shoulders pressing from that position.

My huge lats don’t get in the way.

So I guess it’s personal preference, and maybe it’s OK to go 50 degrees, or 40 degrees if that feels better.

Depending on how much you want to target the tris, one thought that occurred to me is trying a mechanical drop set where you start with floor JM presses then move to floor presses. Basically this is more or less like the pre-exhaust method suggested above but you don’t have to worry about claiming and setting up other stations. One station, no adjusting weights.

NGL, I haven’t tried this but I have done mechanical drop sets for chest and have really been able to target it. Now that I think of it I am healing a pec strain… I might give this a go myself. If I do this I’ll try to remember to report back.

Can vouch. The best tricep finisher I’ve ever used was DB skullcrushers → DB JM Press → DB Floor Press

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Deload on the bottom and use a closer grip.