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Targeted Eating Plan: Necessary?


I don't want to "bulk up" nor do I want to "cut." I'm slim enough that muscles are visible, but I'm not huge, and I don't want to be. All this dieting plan stuff has me confused. It seems like everyone is either picking "bulk" or "cut," and I'm wondering if there is a middle ground? Like, eat well and exercise well? Do I really need to be paying that much attention to this stuff? Do I need to be "bulking" to make progress from where I am?

From reading around here it looks like I'm an ecto-mesomorph, if that helps any.



I'm no pro but from what I read here as long as you continue taking in the amount of calories needed to maintain where you're at and don't go overboard with your workout you should be fine.
Hope this helps.


It doens't help much, since I don't put a whole lot of credit into those categories, but that's another issue.

Whether you "bulk up" or "cut up is totally up to you, of course man. Sure, if you read around here enough, you'll see that most people have their own opinions on "how things should get done". Guys like Professor X probably won't be at peace until kids are born weighing 125 pounds. And on the other side of the fence, you have dudes like TriGWU, a competitive triathlete who weighs almost 94 pounds, but it's what suits them best. (kidding, bro, it's seriously the athletic envy talking.)

Here's a quick way to decide. Get yourself nekkid (or have a friend help :wink: ) and check out the biggest mirror in your house. If you're cool with what you see, don't stress. If not, maybe take in more calories, maybe a bit less. Maybe just change your workouts and eat the same.


So, what are your goals exactly? Are they appearance or performance oriented?

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A target eating plan is only necessary if you want targeted results.

Haphazard eating will yield haphazard results.