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Targeted Ab Training


As far as abs go, I watch my diet. I just want to know what exercises to do to really target and strengthen my lower ab region and my obliques. Please be as specific as you can and if you know of website w/ pictures to show the correct movement, that would be great. Also, how many reps/sets should I do. I am in good shape just need for focus on that region. Thansk for the help!

Do you even realize what site your on? Notice the menu bar to the left? Previous issues is the place to start, then you could read through past forum messages with the SUBJECT search field. Honestly though, there’s been like 3 ab training articles in the past 9 issues of T-mag, c’mon man! In fact, all the past ab training articles I can think of have pictures and step by step instructions and set/rep schemes!

it seems hard for me to fathom that you really just need to work on that region. i really mean it.

It’s okay, I didn’t use the search engine on this site for a while either. But here are some recomended searches: (I put them in an order that I thought would be most benifical for you): The Thinking Man’s Guide to Ab training, Roll Your Way to Killer Abs!, Abs In, Abs Out, or… Both?, and if that’s not enough you might want to try Back Strong and Beltless and The Loss Secret of Ab Training. Just ask if you have any other questions. Best of luck.

Standing abs on high pulley + sidebends. That’s it.


The exercise is called the deadlift. Volume and frq can be argued ad nauseum, put rep range, 4-6. There is also a current article supporting the developement of arm in deadlifting. Also alleviating back pain. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. But what T-Man wants all that?