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Target Weights

Today I went to the gym with another T-member and did a chest work out utilizing a standard 5x5 routine. After the third set I went up in weight and still finished strong. My question is what weight should I be looking at to use, ie should I be at failure on rep 5 in the 5th set or should it be rep 5 each set? I am just trying to get a solid starting point here on my re-entry into the gym. I am sure people want to know the weights so here they are.

Flat Bench: sets 1-3 @ 205, 4&5 @ 215

Close grip bench: sets 1-3 @ 135 for 10, 4&5 @ 155 for 8

Incline press/ fly superset: set 1 40lb/20lb both for 10, set 2 55lb/20lb for 10, set 3 65lb/20lb for 6&8 (I think)

Finished up with three sets of 10 tricept extensions I am not sure of the weight.

I still felt really strong at the end of the flat bench portion and I am not sure if i should be jumping up in weight. Last week, my first day back in abouot 6-7 months, I put up 255 for 3 just to give you an idea of where I am at strength wise. Thanks for any help you can give.

If you completed all your targets reps easily, then definitely up your weight. Especially with the reps you’re using. I personally don’t fail often, but I make sure to work to my limits so in the last set of that exercise, i’m really feeling the strain.

Thanks for the reply, I think you are right about not going to failure but being very close. I think there are way more interesting things to post about than some simple workout question right now. Thank you for the reply.