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Target the Hips


I recently started weightlifting again with the focus on really building my lower body. I want a big, thick butt and legs to match. I already have a good list of exercises to hit those areas; however, I would also like to target my hips to make them look larger as well.

What exercises can I do to make my hips look bigger? Thanks for your reading my thread! :slightly_smiling:


The flare to your hips is mostly a bone structure issue. There’s not much you can do about making them wider. Clamshells with or without resistance bands wouldn’t hurt to try. You’ll get glute activation if nothing else.

Mostly it’s about creating the illusion of an hourglass. You can focus on developing a sweep to your quads and building glutes.


Thanks. =)


Doing glute activation movements are great for warming-up but in order to increase the muscular density of the glutes you must perform abduction and hip extension exercises explosively (ballistic) with good form. Isolate those areas first, before any movements that involve the thighs.


To be honest that part of your hips that everyone seems to be after is called the tensor fascia latea muscle. You can uisolate it by going external rotation exercises, but it gets enough stimulation from deadlifting, squatting, and some single leg type of stuff.

Don’t do any of that ballistic crap concerning your hips because eventually you will come to agitate them.

Isolation is okay, but supplement it. Don’t use that as your main focus to grow your glutes and legs.

Focus on using compound movements. One that recruit a shit ton of muscles. Stay in the 60-70% range, and feed a ton of volume into your training. Couple it with some heavy sets as well.


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BB Hip Thrusts are the GOAT exercise.