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Target of 500x5 - First Video Post

Target was 500x5 for 3rd set of 5.

Think I maybe had 1-2 more but couldnt breathe.

not sure why video isnt uploading

try uploading to youtube and just linking it

Holy crap I figured it out.

I know Im a gentle tap and go but my stick point is just below the knee and Ive found over the years that getting it off the floor isnt the problem so this has worked for me.

Im old but still going


Wasn’t that 500 x 12?

If so, fuuuuuuuuuuck

Yes it was 500x12, and im not to bright considering it took me like 6 posts and a day to figure out how to upload a simple video.

I hurt like hell today, that was Cycle 3 of 5-3-1. Was supposed to do 5, 3rd set. But been pushing my old ass as hard as I can.

Told my wife I might come out of retirement and do a meet in the fall. She isnt happy

Not very computer savvy…

Dude 500x12 that’s insane… what is your max ???

i am struggling with 465lbs for 1 rep. You have motivated me brotha.

let me go to sleep n dream of doing 500x12 lol. that was awesome.

Thanks MAN

Best Pull, when I was going hard was 680. That was about 6-7 years ago. A ruptured right bicep, knee surgery, and a wife made me retire. Im 36 now, pull 645 before XMas, havent maxed since so not sure. I pulled 545x9 a month ago.

Doing Wendlets routine so Im just flowing with the routine, training hard and No 1RM for awhile. Now Ive got an elbow issue I got to have looked at hopefully tomorrow. Injuries are a part of the game as you get older, and you just roll with them and dont quit.

TRAIN HARD MAN…Youll hit your goals.

Nice pullin’… and 36 ain’t old brother. I will be 44 in a couple of weeks, and never started powerlifting/ strongman training until 3 years ago. Squatted 500, benched 365 and pulled 635 raw in my last meet… just getting into some gear now, gonna have some fun!

But… you are right with regards to injuries… need a little more recovery time nowadays when injured, and gotta be smart about it!

Wow! 12 reps for that weight… holy crap! And very good form throughout…

Well, I’m gonna show this video to that boastful guy who thought he’d impress me with 445x8, with pretty bad form in the last 2 reps. Maybe that’d push him to work a lil’ bit proper and harder.

I will post a squat video this week.

Ive never been a big bench presser. My best was in a WABDL meet, I believe 485. That was geared.

My best squat was just under 7 as well. Geared.

Bunny, seems the injuries get closer together

DarkNinjaa, anything I can do to help. I HATE sloppy form.

Thats awesome strength for any age man, I hope you stick around and post often. 485=big bencher (to me at least) Hope you can stay healthy man

jmurp1111, at 36 if i can pull that weights for that many reps i will feel 25 .

working hard on my deadlift. i have issue with my deadlift, trying hard to fix that first.

Great lifting , keep it going .

Oh, I thought was a squat challenge :frowning:

Nice work. And 36 is young:)

My input:

36 is old?

Your wife made you quit lifting?


WABDL doesn’t have a squat portion to its meets. Does it?

Your form stays pretty nice and clean all the way through. Wish I could say the same. But I don’t really rep DLs.

36 i old? Man, I’m barely born, and I’m 33. Some men reach their peak at age of 50.