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Target lbm

I’m just looking for opinions on what you would consider a decent lean body mass for a height of 5’10". Forget about bodyfat.

Define “decent”. If by that you mean an aesthetic male physique, you have to include a bodyfat reference. Of course, you also have to define whether you’re discussing a male or female. Given all that, I think a 5’10" male trainee begins to look highly aesthetic once he hits about 180 lbs. at 8% bodyfat, and a female trainee 135 lbs. at 12-15% bodyfat.

Speak up guys. For you folks that are around 5’10" what is your lbm? Are you happy where you are now?

I think a good lean for you is 200.

ooops, misread the post. LBM for you is 180. Meaning 200lbs scale weight at 10% or 189 at 5%. Is that what you are looking for?

Sounds good. Leaves me with a very realistic goal. Need to loose about 5# bf and gain 20-25# lean mass. Gonna finish out my current Andro/Nandro cycle and then try Finasol maybe.

Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress.

Bodz: Are you using a “rough” calculation, or is this all from experience? (I’m ALWAYS wanting to learn new things!)


ht: 6’
wt: 145
bf%: 4.8%

Mufasa, just experience. If you want to use a formula, subtract or add 7lbs of lean per inch. example: Nate Dogg is 5’4" so lean would be 180-(6"x7lbs) 42 = 138 lean or 152 at 10% bodyfat. Just my opinion. I think this is a realistic goal for most guys. If you use drugs, then anything above this is a bonus.

Im your height and 170. On the tanita I get 5% athlete 13% normal but the trainer at my gym says Im about 8% (multiple veins in arms and shoulders and now one in lat and lower stomach) so thats about 156 LBM with no drugs or sups ever but protein and multi. Certainly not huge but pretty obviously above average/working out to girls, friends an workmates and I sometimes get jokes about being bulky, built like a bouncer or Chris Benoit. Fill a medium T and just squeeze arms into a ben sherman m. I got to 180 and still didnt look real big so Id at least shoot for that at 8% (165 lbm) but for football or serious bodybuilding thats barely getting started.

As much as is humanly possible with lots of food and the best supplements. Aim as high as possible. I know i will never be satisfied.

Bodz, I was just checking out your formula there and I had a quick question. The 180 that you propose, is that based on the original 180 LBM that you said was about the target for Lipo? If that’s the case, then at 6’ (2" taller than Lipo), I would add approximately 14 (2" * 7) pounds of LBM to that 180, which would give 194 pounds of LBM. At a bodyfat percentage of 7%, that would be a scale weight of about 207. As always, I appreciate and enjoy the posts, Bodz. Keep up the great, and oft entertaining, work!

Goldberg, you bust me up, man! I'm on the same page, bro, never be satisfied, always be hungry--in the gym and out.