Target Bodyweight

Anyone know of a decent table with target bodyweights x height for bodybuilders? The BMI tables are obviously crap, and the best I can find are the stats for different bodybuilder classes.

I realize there’s no magic formula, just curious if there’s a general guideline out there.

Careful now, sounds like Butt territory here. lol

IDK, I guess a lean 3lbs per inch in height’s a good figure to shoot for naturally?

People will weigh different amounts simply based on their bone structure (‘frame’), as well as how dense they are. When I first cracked 180 lbs in college, none of my friends thought I weighed any more than maybe 160. WHile I don’t believe there is any really need to have a target range, I will admit that when I was first considering competing, I would go through the magazines and put post-it notes on the pics of the top competitors with their heights and weights written in sharpie on them. Gave me SOME idea.