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Target Bodybuilding and other books on exercise technique

Has anyone read Target Bodybuilding by Per A. Tesch? It analyses exercises by using MRI scans to determine which are best for targetting a particular muscle or muscle group. Are there any other books out there on this topic? As a related question. What are some good books that detail exercise technique. I’m after one that provides both numerous exercises and also comprehensive instruction on how these exercises should be performed.

Some exercises emphasize parts of multi-head muscles more than other parts of same. The book is interesting, but not to the point of completely revising what one does in the gym.

Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl had every exercise ever invented (and some that haven’t been!)…

I don’t know the name of the book, but it’s by Bill Pearl. It has a discription and diagram of about every exercise known to man. It’s an orange color paper back with a picture of Bill and a female on the cover. It also provides several workouts inside. Not a bad book for a beginner of someone who just wants some new ideas for exercises. He also has an older book that is called (correct me if I am wrong) Keys to the inner universe, but I’m pretty sure the newer book has more exercises.

Definitely get Keys to the Inner Universe by Bill Pearl.

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys, I’ll definately check out Keys to the Inner Universe, as well as the other Bill Pearl book you mentioned DaveS. Vman following your review I’ll skip target bodybuilding. From reviews given by everyone else I think my money would be better spent on B.P.

I’ve heard of a book somewhere called Muscle meets Magnet or something. Don’t remember the author.

If your into olympic lifts get The Weight Lifting Encyclopedia by Arther Dreschler.

I think Tesch’s book is worth having in the bodybuilding library for sure. I would agree it’s not something that will completely change the way you train, but a good read. My only complaint was it only covers the limbs, no chest, back or abs. It would only be fair though to combine Per’s MRI studies with Tudor Bompa’s EMG publishings to get the whole picture.

GaryE: Muscle meet magnets is the first book by Per A. Tesch. It´s some time ago that I read it but I think that most of the material is included in Target Bodybuilding.