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Taraxatone vs Diurex



Any thoughts on this? Would both be a good idea? ...or maybe just have Diurex on hand just in case? Diurex has a diuretic chemical in it called pamabrom. Not sure what class of diuretic it is though. If you or anyone has any knowledge please do share.



With diuretics, herbal or pharmaceutical, you should ALWAYS use as little as necessary to get the job done.

If you are eating a good diet, if your carbs are fairly low, if you don't have a sudden increase in sodium intake and if you are not a woman during her period you are simply NOT HOLDING THAT MUCH WATER UNDERNEATH YOUR SKIN.

Many bodybuilders will look smooth on stage and blame it on holding water... 9 times out of 10 they are in fact ''holding fat'' (not lean enough).

There is no sense in using a ton of diuretics. It will not get you more shredded BUT it could very well make you look flat (smaller and with less separation). Why? Because muscles are 70% water and because you store a lot of water in the muscles themselves.

If you dehydrate yourself too much you will NOT LOOK MORE RIPPED BUT YOUR MUSCLES WILL LOOK SMALLER. And it will be next to impossible to get a pump.

BTW, a word of warning. You are on a dangerous path. From your recent posts you seem to want to go to extremes in hope of achieving your body (living only on MAG-10, using a lot of diuretics, etc.). THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO and this mentality will completely ruin your look.

I know, I've done that myself in the past. Last time I did this I was 215% with striated glutes 4 weeks out of a contest and ended up bein 190 with much less definition on stage.



Thanks CT. I appreciated the advice and warnings, and I realize you're trying to CYA, which is very understandable. I just wanted to know the differences. I was not planning on doubling up on them. I'm not planning on going overboard with the diuretics, which is obviously very ill advised. I'm going to take Taraxatone as per the label recommendations.

My BF is not exactly where I wanted it to be at this point, but it's pretty much there, so I'm happy for now, and I'll just do better next time. I realize diuretics cannot make up for this.

FYI - I'll pretty much be following the get shredded plan and I'm not going overboard with anything in particular. My strength has not dropped in the gym, so diet wise I think I'm doing okay.


Lasix 240 mg IV.


Haha. Sorry can't do that.


BT, if you believe that CT was just "covering his ass" above, then you missed the point.


I've noticed that he has a habit of doing this in other threads with CT as well.


I didn't mean to intentionally do this and if it does appear a habit, then surely there is simply a miscommunication on my part. I understand that he is saying that going from 215 to 190 is a bad idea if that helps make myself more clear. Also it was clear that he was saying that either could get the job done, but neither will do anything magical for my physique. I thought he was covering his ass because diuretics can be very dangerous and he said I was going down a dangerous path. Although it wasn't completely clear when reading my response, I did understand what he was saying -- I just wanted to also be clear that I was being safe as I thought this was his concern. In the past I have made mistakes in interpreting his advice, but I assure you (for the most part) I do understand the application of what he says, even if it takes a minute for it so sink in.

I truly appreciate all the information that Mr. Thibaudeau most generously shares and I certainly hope that he has not taken offense to my comments, and if I have upset and or frustrated him, then I offer my apologies.


I doubt that you have -- rather it is that his main point is that radical extremism well beyond proven-highly-successful practices is not the way for best results for the physique, but there is an impression that it is at the least your first instinct.

He was giving you a practical example of how he has set himself back personally by the exact same general mistake that he has the impression that he is seeing in you, and I would have to agree. Or at least that is how I understood it.


Yeah I appreciated his comment. Sorry I've come across a little whacked out lately. I'll get my sh!& in gear once this damn weight loss contest is over tomorrow!!!


Wow, it's here already? Time flies.

Hope you do outstandingly!!


Thanks Bill. I'd say I did relatively outstanding =)

Indeed. Time does fly. Hopefully soon I can figure out how to slow it down...


damn dude, awesome job.

I realized I wasn't lean enough to utilize the Shredded in 6 Days. Totally not worth the effort.

I'll get my pics back soon, I think I still looked lean, just not enough to benefit from the protocol.
That and I'm pale as can be, let's see how washed out I'll be, lol


btw- what's the time span of the 2 pics?


6 days...


just messing :wink: it was actually 12 weeks.


That is an outstanding result.



that's 12 weeks? shit, I'm doin somethin wrong, lol

This is me about 8 months apart.

I took a slower approach for about 4 months, then did the GSD for about 10 weeks total
my body fat is a bit lower now, but still... you suck!


Great work! I took the bullet train personally but both trains get there as long as you don't jump from a speeding train!


Damn BT, that was very impressive. What was your starting and ending weight?