Taraxatone: Thunder & others?

I did a search on the forum and could not find many recommendations for this stuff.
Thunder hinted at upping the dosage and possibly starting the supplement earlier, but no specifics. Also, he alluded to the fact that it may pull water out of the muscles and therefore affect strength. Any suggestions? Horror stories? What about using Taraxatone while still on Hot Rox?

i used it…it didnt do dick. your better off using the typical water loss techniques, without the supp.

From my expierience Dandelion Root works much better as a diuretic than Taraxatone, and is cheaper.

Bump and thanks to responders. I’ll look into “traditional methods”

Yea, taraxatone is garbage

Dandelion Root and Lemon in your Gallon of water(per day)will do all you need!!

I tried Taraxatone twice and noticed nothing. Drink a ton of water and your body won’t retain it so much.