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taraxatone question

anyone know how taraxatone may affect my strength levels. I know nothing about the stuff and I need to make weight for a strongman competition on thursday. I have to loose 4 pounds and I am very lean, will the taraxatone stay in my system for very long after I stop taking it? Will it affect my strength levels negatively? I realize I probably shouldn’t be worried about making weight for a strongman competition, but I’ve already decided to move up a class next year. I just want a chance to compete as a lightweight at nationals.

Tubby bitch. You’ll be fine, you shouldn’t need it. I’ll show you a trick from my good friends the Bulgarians.
Taraxatone won’t do anything to strength levels, it’s basically dandelion and caffeine.

I’ve used taraxatone on-and-off a few times and it didn’t appear to affect my strength levels at all. Frankly though, it is a very mild diuretic. For more forceful results you could try Lasix, but you need a prescription for that. Lasix would dry you out real good, but you would most likely lose strength.

You previously mentioned you only have a few pound to drop right? In that case, you don’t need the Taraxatone. I’m sure you already know this but it’s a popular OTC herbal diuretic. Unfortunately, from my experience using this with natural compatitors, it is not as specific as real diuretics in terms of where it pulls water. Oddly enough, I have had people flatten out more with this product than with something like Dyazide. If it pulls from your muscles, if will affect your strength for sure.
But like I said, with only a few pounds to drop, just fiddle with your water. You’re competing on Thursday, but when are the weigh ins? Thursday as well? If so, how long between weigh ins and your first event?

Weigh ins are Thursday, comp. is Friday.
Dude, just boil before the competition, you’ll have no problem.

just my .02, taraxatone sucks donkey balls!