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Tarantino and Hendrix


Should be an interesting film!

not happening

I have been a Hendrix fan for about 20 years i’d say. As a guitarist i tried to emulate his style and creativity since i was a young teenager. I have also read these reports over the past 10-15 years, these same statements being made about these biopics, including a Stevie Ray film, with them dying out quickly and never actually being made.

I hope with the recent success of biopics they get them produced and out there, i also hope it want be a saturated trend by then.

Tarantino and Hendrix, thats an even better combination than Stone and Morrison!

I will watch this for sure.

Wonder who would play Hendrix? I once heard Sam Jackson?

[quote]crazy88s wrote:
not happening


Ouch! Thats usually where I go first for movie news. I saw the link on another forum. Too bad, it could have been interesting…