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Tara Reid

Interesting quote by Tara Reid in today’s Strong Words. Very interesting since she just got some bad boob implants and ‘accidentally’ showed them to the press:


Warning: bare boob on link. But it’s not real so that’s okay right?

That is one disgusting areola. eww.

Dude, before i saw the pic of that incomparably ugly nipple Tara Reid was in my top 10 of chicks i would like to put the pipe to. But oh how the mighty have fallen. She’s outta the top 20 now. I have seen some nipples in 20 years on this planet and those are are by far the most hideous ones i have seen not on a fat chick

I’d Hit It!

Heh, yeah, she was looking kind of stretched out or something.

However, I’m guessing the quote is just something said so that goobers spanking off to her pics can fantasize that she would really prefer their flabby ass to all those studly guys she can choose from.

Now don’t bug me, I’m sending a pic of my love handles to Tara now…

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
I’d Hit It![/quote]

Me first!

Who needs pics when you can see the video:


BTW, it’s kind of amusing to note that no one seems to care about photographing her until the boob falls out…

[quote]t bone y2j wrote:
That is one disgusting areola. eww.[/quote]

Big deal… I’m an ass man anyway…

I’m of the school that most women have at least one defining feature.

If she ain’t the cutest, she may have a great rack.

If she’s hard on the head, she might give it well.

I’m not saying Tara Reid isn’t a good looking woman, its just that massive blemish on her breast. Its been stretched about 4cm past normal it appears.

Guess I’m from another planet - but who is Tara Reid?

YAPS - Yet Another Publicity Stunt.

She smiles before, during, and after. No embarassment? Definitely a Janet Jackson-esque publicity stunt.

Oh well, anything to keep herself alive in the public`s mind, eh?

It looks like she has scarring around her areola. They probably cut for her breast enlargement there and she ended up with some nasty scar tissue.

Come on, like all you guys criticising her tits have ever had tail as good as that…

Speak for yourself, I’ve had chicks hotter than Tara Reid. Not saying I wouldn’t hit it though.

I remember that quote. That one came from an interview with Maxim! Who’s the loyal reader? No onder things didn’t work out for her with Tom Brady.

Anyway, I think she would do in a pinch.

She’s probably very self-conscious about her body, which may explain the quote (and it probably explains the implants). If a girl is with a guy with a great body she all of a sudden doesn’t feel too hot about hers. Same concept when an OK guy is dating a very hot girl, he may feel like he isn’t good enough; or if he’s smart he may feel like he should, damn proud/lucky.

Grnak: ME TOO…

She never really impressed me that much. She just looks and acts like your typical bar whore. You’d think she could have found a better surgeon with the money she has.