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question1: Monday-light squat, light bench.
Tuesday-light powerclean, light deadlifts. WEdnesday-off. Thursday-heavy squat, heavy bench. Friday-heavy cleans, max deadlifts. Is this the correct split?

Question2: I don’t take supplements (not even creatine(I’ll take a multivitamin, though). Can’t I do this program eating naturally?

Question3: For thursday, what rep/set scheme for heavy bench and heavy squat (you explianed the light days, but not the heavy ones). AND is this all I should do or am I supposed to add a little lat work, arm work, etc.?

Monday and Tuesday are ending at 85%of max using 8-5-4-3-2-1 You should not reach failure!
Weds OFF
Thursday Friday ending at 95% of Max using
8-5-4-3-2-1 every set is to failure!( with perfect form absolutely no forced reps!) When your 95% becomes easy like you feel like you can bust out two reps. Test the following heavy day for a new max. Make sure you PNF stretch before exercise not Static. Check out poliquins maximal weights article to see the correct way to warm up for a new max. When your max is achieved your 85% and 95% percentages change.
Make sure you learn the correct way to do a powerclean. And Deadlift Back must be very straight with both. And make sure you drive up with your legs (EXPLODE!) not your arms like a jumping arm curl.
I would include a postworkout shake whey and ultra fuel 40g of P and 50g of C and on light days a low glycemic shake like Grow would be fine. Protein powders are more natural than supermarket beef and chicken because of all the hormones I would use the shakes! Try to eat carbs protein and fats (healthy fats)at every meal, Lots of low glycemic fruits , apples, grapefruit, oatmeal , yams, fats, Udo’s, fishoil, advocado, nutbutter all natural, all vegies No fat post workout. When your young you need to take advantage of your accelerated hormone levels. If you start dieting now and restricting calories you will never make your arms grow. Remember this Poliquin says you need to add 15 lbs of muscle to gain 1 inch on your arms so you better eat. Once a week at one meal of whatever you want . Your mind needs a break and it willnot effect you. Get ready to succeed withthis progam and email Tapper at any time if you have any questions