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Tapper, and the rest of you big fools...

Ok so you guys are saying take the volume down to about 16-20 a workout. So what should my rep/weight scheme be like? I am eating like 6-7 times a day, lots of protein, from chicken, tuna, nuts, etc. As far as deadlifts go, i do them real heavy every other week, and typically work out with about 315, same for squats. I just want to know like for a chest/back workout, how many excersises and sets should I be doing?

I don’t consider 315 to be “real heavy” on deadlifts. RE: Squats its all about tension and how deep your going. Just eating "lots of protein does not = muscle growth. Once again the most important thing is that you get stronger with perfect form every workout. Cycle between low volume months and high volume months.