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Tapout Supplements

I was wondering if anyone has tried them? More specifically the Testosterone booster and the fat burner? I would like to see what people have to say about them.

I saw these being advertised…Tapout is clearly trying to diversify their shit brand.

I have not tried them but their ingredient list id mediocre at best.

There are plenty of other brands that are better and have a better ingredient list.

They are trying to become the first billion dollar mma company…so there you go maybe they will be making computers too just to compete with Microsoft and apple.

Their protein looks average, their creatine seems uninspired, they make a pre workout NOS booster (enough said), and their test booster is herbal. The fat burner looks average as well. I work at GNC, and I wouldn’t waste my money on these. If you want something to help you burn fat go get some bronchaid and Spike, if you want THE BEST trib pill look no farther than your own nose (this site).

I like tapout as a company, they help fighters and the more money they make the more fighters they can sponsor. But leave their sups to the gullible frat boys.