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Tapout Shirts, Gyms, and Full Blown Aids

Ill let the video explain. Hilarious.

You have the legs of a sparrow with full blown aids … hahahahaha

That’s fucking CLASSIC! ahahahah!

this movies is hilarious!!! “we like to dance and pump our fists like db’s” I had to watch it a few times, love it!!

I haven’t laughed that hard since I was a little girl.


LMFAO! “jeez, you sound like a frightened little girl. It must have been hard telling your parents you are gay”

Good find!

This is a re-post but it definitely deserves it.

“I’m talking about squatting until your eye balls bleed and you have to crawl out of the gym” LMAO
this is so hilarious!!!

thought u guys would like it. it sums things up perfect. and wc7 a repost really? shit…

Never seen this one before (I think?) really good!

Get that tear drop

hahahaha… “you will be hosing down chicks like a coked-up pornstar”

can someone find all these vids and post them in this thread?

These videos are great. I’d like to see some of our vets create one.


Haha that was clutch hahah I showed my old man when he was over to my house this evening and he actually fell to his knees laughing…oh my thanks for posting this