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Taping Thumbs on a Regular Basis


Hey guys, i dont usually tape my thumbs, but over the last few weeks my thumb just kept tearing so i have been forced to tape or use straps.

The thing is when i tape them i can usually only get 5 or 6 sets in before the tape starts to slip off and feel insecure. Does anyone have any tips for taping or under wrap or sprays so i can actually get through the snatch with out having to re-tape 2-3 times?

Also when watch worlds i noticed that nearly all of them had taped thumbs in one style or another


you should be taping thumbs (at leas the bottom portion) every session. if your tape is slipping off, either put it on tighter or get better tape.


No tape for me...I use to when I started but I haven't bothered for the past 5years or so. I just have callouses all over my hand that I sand/ cut down periodically.

What tape are you using? The tape is the key. You need medical type of tape thats grippy but also sticky. It's easy to take off as well.



i have been using regular white athletic tape, the same that is usually used to tape ankles etc... for football players and other athletes


Even if you don't tear? I taped my thumbs when I started but I haven't needed to in a long time.


I might just have bitch hands that tear easily (which I think is the case), but I think at some point as one gets heavier in the weights, they would need tape. I also would get a purple spot on my thumbs where the hook grip would be if I didn't use tape, and it looked ugly as shit, lol.


lol ok. The rest of my hands tear easily but not my thumbs, so far...


Spray your thumbs with that liquid skin stuff that people use for blisters etc (note: do not ever actually use it for its intended purpose), let it dry, then tape your thumbs. Also, tape the base of your thumbs tighter than you think you should, as the tape will stretch out a little and loosen.


i always tape the base of my right thumb because it likes to rip a lot. the purple spots come and go on my hands lol. i currently have one on my right thumb only, even though i never put tape on my left thumb.


Note I use to rock climb quite a bit so my hands are just tough as f0ck. I just sand and cut the callouses and they are good.

The tape thing is really minor. If you need it, do it, if not don't bother.



Do you wash your hands before taping? I've found that the tape will be more secure if I wash my thumbs with soap to eliminate any oil in the skin.