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Tapering Off Test E Cycle with Test Prop into PCT? Would HCG Be Required?

After last pin of Test E switch to Test Prop till the Enanthate ester is flushed out the body.

Week 1 - 10. Test e
Week 1 - 6. Tbol

To add in… Test Prop
Week 11 (4day after last Test e pin) - Test Prop. 150mg EOD.
Week 12 - 150mg EOD
Week 13 - 100mg EOD
Week 14 - 50mg EOD

PCT (3 days after last Test P pin)
Nolva - 40/40/20/20
Clomid - 100/50/50/25

Thoughts? Reckon HCG would be required? I could even finish a few of the Tbol tabs leading up to PCT?

the question is: why?