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tapering off methoxy

i don’t recall if this was ever answered or not. Should methoxy be tapered off since it has sucha strong effect on nitrogen balance and cortisol reduction due to training? I say this (If you would, please repost to Training/Nutrition as this this a supplement question. Thanks!)

because a lot of guys are doing the double dose protocol and it would seem that their body would crash after going off the methoxy. Does the amount you do play a factor whether you are double dosing or not? laters pk

Hey, there, pk. Methoxy is a partitioning agent, meaning that for a given amount of energy/calories taken in, more will be store as LBM than fat. It also has a hardening effect. Methoxy does not suppress cortisol levels to my knowledge. And Bill Roberts has said so, as well, I believe.

Bottom line, my belief is that you get the benefit of Methoxy during the time that you take it and that there would be no negative effect if you were to just stop taking it.

BTW, I’m participating in the Methoxy Challenge, and I have to tell you that I would say its effects are subtle, but cummulatively profound. I love it and can’t wait to use it in a bulking phase (where I think it should REALLY shine). I’m currently using it on a cutting phase.