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Tapering Off Carbolin 19


School is starting in 3 weeks for me. I need to go off of HOT-ROX and Carbolin 19. This is because I would like to start taking Spike, which is contraindicated to both, and incidentally because without my summer job I need to lower supplement expenses.

As it stands, I will simply have 1-2 weeks of half dosage before going off completely.

I would appreciate anyone's advice, especially anyone who has employed a tapering-off strategy for those or any simliar supplements. Thanks very much.



There's really no need to taper off of either. The exception would perhaps be HOT-ROX as the small amount of caffeine could cause withdrawal symptoms in certain individuals, especially those that don't otherwise normally consume caffeine from other sources. In that particular case, I'd switch over to the Spike the day after cessation of use with HOT-ROX.


Thank you.