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Tapering Off 10 Week Cycle to Reduce Side Effects/Restore Natural Test?

Hi guys. Please do not ridicule me , I am fairly new to this , I am currently taking a cycle of 500mg a week testosterone E for 10 weeks. I have my pct planned out with clomid and nolvadex… what I wss wondering is if I spend weeks 11-15 slowly tapering down will that help my body bounce back in the production naturally? Will I see less side effects in my adjustment period while coming off the test?
Please let me know if tapering is a good idea or a terrible one… thankyou in advance guys

I have heard a few people swear by tapering. I’m unconvinced. You have shut down your natural hormone production. At some point you want to go back to normal. Theoretically you could taper for many weeks, then use nothing as pct, and eventually your body will (probably) find homeostasis again. But…why do that when you have a perfectly viable solution in the form of a SERM? I’m sure tapering works in some fashion, but if you can cut out the extra time needed to do that by taking a drug that we know for sure works to restart things then why go down that road?

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I don’t understand the “science” behind tapering down. Your natural testosterone production is shut down whether you’re taking 500mg/week or 200mg/week. It’s my understanding that just because you taper down doesn’t mean your natural production starts back up sooner; you’re shut down until you’re off gear completely. Besides, with the half life of Test E it’s several weeks until it’s cleared out of your system after your last shot; it basically tapers itself.

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Yup I agree iv seen it explained numerous times in numerous different ways with people swearing by it but I’m not buying it.

What would be your suggestion for coming off pretty standard cycled of Test E at 500mg/week?

I assume none of you guys are in the medical field. Tapering is an age old method used to acclimatise the body to drugs and the change they bring.

Shutdown is not shutdown. It depends entirely on the compound used and how much affinity it has for AR. Shutdown from Tren for example is harder to recover from compared to Test.

Correct the ester tapers itself, but the conventional PCT starts when there is still a suppressive level of hormone floating around. If you dont want to taper, wait longer than 2 weeks to start your PCT.

I will find the scientific article which shows the minimum levels of test needed for a SERM to work, but it is entirely true that a gradual decline in testosterone WILL aid the body in picking up its own production as opposed to going cold turkey.


Disregard, Singh, I read your response to another thread and you answered the exact question I posed here.

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Thankyou so much for the replies fellas. Very helpful. I assume I shouldn’t have to worry about too much bloating on that dose right ? And if I did starting low dose nolvadex while on cycle could decrease said bloating correct?

so much mixed info about tapering,I just posted a topic today about coming off trt i was just going to taper off and was told that all it does is prolong it and your system will stay shutdown until the last dose is out of your system.

Nolva will do nothing for bloating. Only an AI will help with that.


Do you think 500mg a week will cause much bloating? I do cardio everyday and eat healthy so I’m not sure how much of a problem it will be

Depends. Do you get bloated on 500/w? (I know you don’t have that answer, that’s the point; nobody knows how you’ll respond until you’re actually responding)

I know that jumping from my trt dose to 450/w causes zero change in me. You could be totally different. Just manage things as they come. That’s the best thing you can do with new situations.

Thanks for the responses guys , what is a good AI to get and where will I be able to purchase ?

Actually if someone can please outline a proper pct for me , with all the research I’m doing I dont know whether to use clomid/nolva or just take arimidex throughout the cycle . I have erectile issues already so I definitely dont want anything that could possible make it worse. Please help a guy out figuring what pct I should implement. Thanks