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Tapering Nolva, Adding an AI?

My last couple of recoveries have been awful to say the least, my recovery this time around, after a 6-week test cycle has has been much, much better. Feeling good, skin very oily, sex drive and training getting bacjk to normal. I am at the end of PCT and have about 5-days of nolva left to do. I am wondering wether it is worthwhile tapering slowly off nolva? I was thinking about dropping to 10mg a day for week and then 10mg EOD for a week and during this last week adding in a very low dose AI. My intent would be to keep the AI going for 2-3 weeks and slowly taper the AI as well. My only goal is to ensure best/smoothest possible recovery with no setbacks.

In case it is of any consequence my cycle was 500mg test E for 4-weeks and 2 weeks at 300mg and 200mg of test prop. Winstrol at 50mg a day throughout. HCG - 3 times weekly at 500iu. I did 4 x 1000iu of HCG in the 10 days post last test prop.

PCT started 4-weeks after my last Test E (I have come to the conclusion that the best time to start PCT is when I start feeling “low test”, this time it took 4-weeks). My PCT was 4-weeks of clomid at 100mg/day week 1, then 50mg a day. Nolva 5-weeks at 20mg a day (last week now).

Thoughts are appreciated

There is no theoretical point to any ‘tapering’ of the SERMs; feel free to run the nolva/clomid for another week or two though, having a longer PCT (5-8 weeks) certainly wont do you any harm, and on some forums is what is recommended atm

Also, imo you shouldnt be running an AI during PCT at all. This is kinda debatable but I think this is the consensus on this board atm