Tapering Down AI

hi guys,
I start my first cycle next week, very big deal, which I put together with a lot of help from people on this site. Very grateful to you all for that.

One bit of advice that I got that I need a bit more clarification on is what to do regarding tapering down my AI.

I am running arimidex at .25 eod (I realise that’s quite a low dose but as I understand it my relatively light cycle of 500mg test/wk won’t need too much AI to manage) and will increase if necessary.

When I taper it down, do I do that during the 2 weeks after my last injection and before PCT? How would that schedule look?

Thanks in advance

Depends on the ester of test, which will determine how long it takes to go from peak (last pin) to baseline levels.

Assuming Test E, continue ‘on’ Adex dosage for 1 week, then cut it in half for week 2, and eliminate usage when you commence PCT. Good luck,


cool, it’s Test E so I’ll do it exactly how you said.

much appreciated

How would you go about dosing your AI if your were to use dbol to bridge ur cycle to pct? Cycle is still Test E 500mg/w
Dosing of dbol is lets say 50mg/d